Different Types of Bathroom Vanities

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When it comes to bathroom renovations,it can be easy to overlook the bathroom vanity. However, just as you would carefully consider what shower or bath you’d like, it’s important to consider what you want from a bathroom vanity and sink.

Are you looking for storage space, bench space, ease of cleaning, style or durability?

There are many types of bathroom vanities, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. To help you make the most informed choice, we’re going to run you through the pros and cons of the different types of bathroom vanities.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Pedestal sink

Pedestal sinks are classic-looking and currently experiencing a revival in bathroom trends. They are great for small spaces as they take up little floor space. However, pedestal sinks do not have storage space and have minimal counter space, which can become an issue in some bathrooms.

Free-standing vanity

A free-standing, or standing cabinet-style, vanity is any sink that stands on the floor, typically with cabinet space. They are usually rectangular or square in design. Free-standing vanities are generally available in a wide range of finishes and designs. While they offer plenty of storage and counter space, they do take up more space and so may not be ideal for small bathrooms.

Wall-mounted/floating vanity

Wall-mounted, or floating, vanities are mounted onto the bathroom wall. They can be great statement pieces and, as they leave a gap between the floor and the bottom of the unit, they are easy to clean under and around. Depending on your choice of vanity, wall-mounted vanities can feature plenty of storage and counter space. But, like free-standing vanities, they take up more room than a pedestal sink, so may not be ideal for small bathrooms.

Additionally, because they do not touch the floor, they can be complicated to install, and there is a possibility a wall-mounted vanity will become unstable over time, particularly if they are exposed to excessive force. Read Blog on Home Renovation – Some Things to Consider Before You Start

Trough sink

Trough sinks are highly modern and are a great option if you want to make efficient use of space. As trough sinks are typically larger than traditional sinks, they can easily accommodate two or more faucets, so they are a great choice for ensuite bathrooms shared by couples. They come in a large variety of materials and can come with storage underneath. Trough sinks, however, depending on how they are installed, may not offer much in the way of counter space and can be expensive.

Integral sink

Integral, or intergrated, sinks are another highly modern sink choice. The stand-out feature of this kind of sink is that both the sink and the surrounding counter top are made from the same material, which means there is a modern smooth and seamless transition from counter to sink. A great advantage of an integral sink is it cuts your decision process in half, as there’s only one choice to make in terms of material! However, this can also be a disadvantage for some home renovators who want a greater range of options. As integrated sinks are part of the counter top, if the sink needs to be replaced then the counter will need to be also.

There are even more styles of bathroom vanities and sinks out there, so keep an eye out as you go through your day-to-day life for styles you like and think would suit your bathroom renovations.